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Oct 7, 2012 8:00am PDT
. when you catch yourself doing that. do something else. >> how about talking about president obama that observers say that he did not really quite start strong. >> however there are some of the basic things that it does right. he does his gestures with in the containment of this body. if he had added energy to that it would have been perfect. because high energy but contained and focus. and his gestures are not as big as macrame. >> correct. >> it is better for an executive although no and again you want to expand. >> if you would say to keep that up but the energy level? >> is exactly those gestures will not be has impact fall. >> let us go to our next clip. a lot of people say that he just looked tired. >> he did. he looked lethargic and he did not look focused and did not want to be there. i think mitt romney switch. he was more prepared. >> and on this other screen with the it is really very telling. >> and i think that what is the most telling is the lack of by contact. and it is a very submissive signal and a very stressful signal. it made him look like he had to look at his notes
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
overseas. he also called for repeal of the obama health care law. >> secretary of defense and leon panetta is being sued by 19 military veterans. used as one of the top brass named in a sexual assault laws say. the lawsuit involves current and former members of the u.s. military. the lawsuit says the complaints were harassed or assaulted and suffered retaliation. the lawsuit also accuses the leadership of the army here forced to >> still to come on the kron4 is weekend, an overnight crashed shut down roads in the south bay to. here is a live look outside pirie if we will be right back. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done what i thought was impossible: you made good-for-you, gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband rob found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. so thanks. from your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex. [ male announcer ] love che
Oct 6, 2012 7:00am PDT
a saving gasoline. >> is feeling his oats >> president obama is firing back at mitt romney after the seemingly uninspired performance during the presidential debate. and what the president is doing differently on the campaign trail. >> this is the president that most people decree did not show up. an animated, forceful, and taking shots at is a candidate. but he said that he would get rid of planned parenthood funding. apparently, this with big bird is driving the deficit in rallies are completely different events from a presidential debate. body language, now cured the my opponent has been trying to do a two-step and reposition. and he has an extreme make over. mitt romney was checked by his campaign. >> and also talk about his 47% fund-raiser that never was mentioned. >> real change takes time and it certainly cannot happen if you are going to write off one of thalf the nation before you take office. >> perhaps he lost the debate on performance. >> no question. >> he did win on the substance and the candid it. his candid it--is going to be a candidate--is campaigning and other
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3